About myEQscore.com

In today's digital world, emotional intelligence is more important than ever.

In ministry, the health of your church depends on the emotional health of its leaders. Whether you're leading a church staff of 3 or 30, you must be aware of your emotional blind spots. As leaders, it's also important that we help the leaders under us better lead their teams. This assessment will give you and your team insight into each person's level of awareness about their own emotional health.

With myEQscore.com, you can:

  • Know yourself better
  • Understand your weaknesses and strengths when relating to others
  • Assess your self-motivation
  • Improve your social skills
  • Realize how empathic you are toward the needs of others
  • Learn to better control your own emotions

When myEQscore.com is used with a group, you can:

  • Learn how to better work together
  • Understand how teammates feel about others
  • Improve group dynamics
  • Communicate more precisely